University Healthcare Department

In general, health service in the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out on a state and private basis.
Guaranteed Volume of Free Medical Care (GVFMC) and Compulsory Social Health Insurance (CSHI) is medical help provided by the state and Social Health Insurance Fund , while Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) can be obtained by your own need on private basis with a wider choice of medical facilities and services.
  • What is the Guaranteed Volume of Free Medical Care (GVFMC)?
    Each citizen in Kazakhstan can get a free-of-charge medical assistance, i.e. Guaranteed Volume of Free Medical Care (GVFMC) and Primary Health Care (PHC).
    Guaranteed volume of free medical care is provided to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, kandas, foreigners and stateless individuals permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the expense of budget funds .Guaranteed volume of free medical care is funded through allocation of funds from the national and local budgets.

    The Guaranteed Volume of Free Medical Care includes:
    • ambulance, including medical aviation;
    • primary health care, including diagnostics, treatment, preventive examinations, sanitary-anti-epidemic and sanitary-preventive measures in the foci of infectious diseases;
    • specialized medical care on an outpatient basis, including prevention and diagnosis of HIV infection and tuberculosis, emergency services, diagnosis and treatment of socially significant and chronic diseases;
    • specialized medical care in hospital-substituting conditions, including treatment for socially significant and chronic diseases; home hospital services;
    • specialized medical care in inpatient conditions, including the treatment of infectious, parasitic diseases that pose a danger to others and suspicion of them;
    • provision of drugs, including medical devices, immunobiological drugs in the provision of emergency and specialized care in primary care in accordance with the list of diseases against which preventive vaccinations and specialized medical care are carried out on an outpatient basis.

  • What is the Primary Health Care (PHC)?
    Primary Health Care (PHC) is medical care within the framework of the Guaranteed Volume of Free Medical Care (GVFMC) and the Compulsory Social Health Insurance (CSHI) system. Primary health care includes activities for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of diseases and conditions, the formation of a healthy lifestyle and sanitary and hygienic education of the population, is provided on an outpatient basis and in a day hospital.

    The following types of services are provided within PHC: preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, according to the examination of temporary disability.
    • Preventive services include: preventive examinations, immunization, formation and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, recommendations on rational and healthy nutrition, family planning, clinical examination and dynamic monitoring, patronage of pregnant women, children, including newborns, socio-psychological counseling.
    • Diagnostic services include: examination by a PHC specialist, laboratory and instrumental studies.
    • Treatment services include: the provision of emergency and emergency medical care, medical manipulations in accordance with healthcare standards, the provision of certain categories of citizens with certain diseases (conditions) with free or subsidized medicines and specialized medical products at the outpatient level.

  • What is the Compulsory Social Health Insurance?
    Implementation of Compulsory Social Health Insurance (CSHI) has begun in January 1, 2020. The CSHI system is based on equal access of all the insured to a package of services, regardless of contribution amount. Moreover, when applying for help under CSHI, a patient is not limited in the volume and cost of medical services

    Basic principles of the CSHI system:
    • social orientation: the state pays contributions for 11 million citizens from 15 benefit-entitled categories of population;
    • shared responsibility: the state, employers and citizens are responsible for the health of the population;
    • equal access to medical care: every insured person has the right to the necessary amount of medical care, regardless of the amount of paid contributions;
    • money goes to a patient: a patient can select a medical organization to receive medical services if it is a provider of the Fund;
    • protection of patient rights: the Fund pays medical organizations for medical services only after verifying the quality and volume of medical care provided.
    • The CSHI is provided by the state for all students, regardless of the type of funding for education. You can go to state polyclinics (PHC) and hospitals under the CSHI.

  • What is the Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI)?
    In addition to Compulsory Social Health Insurance (CSHI), you can purchase Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI). This insurance provides a wider choice of medical facilities and those services that a person may need. It also gives you the opportunity to choose specialists, and all kinds of diagnostics and consultations.
    For local citizens Voluntary Health Insurance is a substantial addition to compulsory state health insurance. Nazarbayev University offers corporate basic health insurance plans for their staff and students. You can learn more details by clicking on the button below.