University Healthcare Department

Quick References for Vaccine Registration and Survey, PCR
Vaccination survey – complete this if you have not already done so, or if your vaccination status has changed.
Before processing further with the survey, please, get ready to provide the following details:
1) Dates of your primary vaccination and revaccination, the types of vaccines received.
2) Vaccination passport/certificate to download for consideration of the HSE team.
3) Positive PCR if you had COVID-19 within last 3 months while being G1.
Self-report COVID-19 symptoms
For the purposes of preventing the spread of the infection among the employees, students and campus residents, and obtaining reliable information online COVID-19 CONTACT TRACING FORM was introduced which helps us to save valuable time and faster react to break chains of infection. We would encourage you to let your close contacts timely know about the case so that they take precautionary measures and follow isolation.

Take a COVID-19 test (PCR/RAT)
Online reservation details: link or—19

COVID-19 Vaccination/Booster
Please follow this link to register to revaccination. After filling the form please wait to be invited to the revaccination by UHC staff.

Change vaccination status
Use this report form to update your vaccination status, including latest details on your revaccination.