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Health Insurance
In accordance with the decision of NU management, students studying on a state scholarship and named scholarships are provided with Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) .

Students are included in the database of Jusan Garant Insurance Company and UMC Medical Assistance, and can receive the medical services as outlined in the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) for the period of insurance.

Eligibility criteria:

Being active enrolled undergraduate or graduate student;

Enrollment period: an academic year.

Coverage area: Kazakhstan.

Enrollment process: is arranged by the UHD.

Your insurance card number is your Student ID number. Please have your ID card and Student ID with you when you go to medical centers.

VHI (SHIP) program covers mainly emergency cases and consultative and diagnostic assistance in emergency conditions and treatment according to medical indications. This program prioritizes accessibility and includes the following:
Medical check-up with the definition of the volume in the program and the possibility of conducting a medical check-up in other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for students living at their place of permanent residence, depending on the COVID-19 epidemiological situation;
Issuance of medicines according to medical indications within specified limits from Locals, and up to three medicines for each application from International students.
Emergency dental care according to indications (dental extraction, caries treatment) within specified limit;
Psychotherapeutic assistance for no more than five sessions with a psychotherapist with drug treatment within specified limit;
Issuance of policies for traveling abroad for academic purposes, as well as for participation in international sports and / or cultural events with COVID-19 coverage (if the duration of the trip will not exceed 1 calendar month);
The presence of a doctor on campus 24/7. The work of a doctor on duty after hours of the University Health Center, and at mass events, including an ambulance;
Medical evacuation according to medical indications in case of need to continue treatment that is not available in the Republic of Kazakhstan or repatriation of the body to the homeland of International students;
Treatment by International students of a number of infectious diseases that are not included in the list of GOBMP/OSMS, which may pose a danger to other people, etc.;
The program for International students includes monitoring during pregnancy and for a child under 1-year-old, for self-payment by the student. International students also have the opportunity to independently purchase a similar program under VHI (SHIP) for their family members (spouse and children under 18 years of age).
Coordinators contacts

UMC Medical Assistance Coordinator

mon. - fri.

09:00 - 18:00

For Locals

+7 702 862 80 50,

+7 7172 69 24 73

call-center 24-07

For International students-


+7 702 853 61 30

Coordinator of Jusan Garant

mon. - fri. 09:00 - 18:00

Block C2, Office 1069

+7 700 748 63 07,

+7 7172 70 57 57

In order to improve the quality of service for the insured, as well as to receive timely updates on SHIP, Telegram channels "SHIP: Announcements. Students" and the group "SHIP: Questions and Answers. Students."
Contains information on the work schedule of Assistance and branches, an updated list of MPI, announcements of preventive, scheduled events, info on COVID-19, and other information.
In this group, you can ask questions and get answers about health insurance services.