University Healthcare Department

How to register an excuse for medical reasons and get the medical certificate?
1. If you are sick and cannot attend the classes, please contact your doctor ASAP. You must have been registered already at University Health Center (UHC) or any other polyclinic in Astana if you live off-campus. All the students residing on campus have been provided with the detailed instruction on how to register for UHC from You may check the polyclinic you are registered at the PHC registration check link.

2. Medical certificate (spravka) is issued from the date when you see the doctor from your polyclinic or medical assistance or contacted him/her after getting sick, including the city ambulance.

3. All the students residing on campus should receive a medical certificate from the UHC only. Please note that the medical certificates received from other medical organizations may require additional information on the case.

4. Medical certificates received from the UHC will be automatically added to the University Healthcare Department database without the need to provide the details.

5. If during your illness you were in another city or contacted another polyclinic, please send high quality image of your medical certificate (Spravka) to and for registering your absence from the classes with a medical excuse:
Сity where the certificate received;
Name of the clinic with contacts (telephone number);
Name of the doctor and his contacts;
NU ID, IIN, and address.
Email subject should be as follows: Student's surname_NU ID_School_Year_Spravka. Please submit your original medical certificate to UMC Medical Assistance ( upon recovery and arrival to campus.

6. In case of illness for more than 20 days, a student should provide a special form of medical advisory commission (ВКК) of the medical organization where the treatment was received and see the PHC doctor (polyclinic) upon discharge from the hospital and before returning to classes.

7. The School Managers for academic and student affairs have access to the database and will inform professors about the status of the medical certificates.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your school manager or