University Healthcare Department

Information for staff and faculty
Medical Fitness to Work
The primary purpose of health assessment fitness for work is to make sure that an individual is fit to perform the tasks involved effectively and without risk to their own or others’ health and safety. It is not the intention to exclude a person from a job but to make any necessary reasonable modifica-tions or adjustments to the job to allow the person to work efficiently and safely.
Medical check-up for faculty and staff
All employees should undergo a pre-employment and regular mandatory medical check-up in compliance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 23, 2015 and Medical Fitness to Work Policy for employees of the autonomous organization of education Nazarbayev University.
Primary Health Care (PHC)
Primary health care is the basis of the medical care system and includes activities for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of diseases and conditions, medical rehabilitation, monitoring of pregnancy, the formation of a healthy lifestyle and sanitary and hygienic education of the population.
Voluntary Health Insurance
NU voluntary health insurance is effective support to protect NU members from unexpected high costs of healthcare service while pursuing their academic and professional goals. Health insurance services for staff and faculty provided by the University under the Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) programs.

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